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Founder and Head Coach Story

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Meaning of the Name

Infinity– an unlimited, endless, without bound journey through self-development and self-improvement;‘

Football– the most beautiful sport, my love and passion, my inspiration and huge part of my life;

Art– creativity, imagination and intelligence; the talent to express our skills and abilities as a individuals but also as a team; beauty, emotional power and conceptual ideas;

Main Motto

‘’Striving for Perfection believing that there is Infinity’’

Perfection – derives from the Latin ‘perfectio’ – to finish, to bring to the end;  state of completeness, flawlessness or supreme excellence;

Infinity – derives from Latin ‘infinitas’ – without end; the quality or state of being infinite, process that never stops, boundless, endless ;


Coaching Football (Soccer ) for me is not a job/ work.
It is a combination of Passion – way of living and Profession.
Philosophy of ‘Infinity Football Art’ is to create technically, tactically, physically and mentally complete player, all-rounded , versatile player, which means in modern football where fundamental technique is essential, where intense mental concentration with high physical work rate are prerequisite all through the game, where specific intelligence, tactical awareness, game reading and understanding are especially significant.
Next to typical football (soccer) skills, vision of Infinity Football Art is to develop Personal skills such as self control, motivation and self-confidence , also Social skills- collaboration in group and team , as well Respect to all Human Beings and Earthly Life.

As a soccer coach I am always looking for new ways to more effectively teach all aspects of this great sport.

The main motto of Infinity Football Art is ‘Striving for Perfection, believing that there is Infinity’ works for both sides:
for myself as a coach it is never ending story of gaining another knowledge from other sport’s disciplines and sciences, to improve my coaching skills, adjust them to my philosophy and finally apply the acquired knowledge in my programs for even faster, better and systematic development of players.

For players – because the process that leads to becoming a professional soccer player is long and requires many sacrifices, players should challenge themselves to maximum in every training session and every game, with the aim of Perfecting every aspect of the game, but consciously understanding that there is always room for improvement (Infinity).

I always expect maximum effort from myself, at the highest professional level, both in preparing a training session and later in delivering it on the pitch, and the same I expect from players through the training, staying at the highest level of mental (concentration) and physical (motor skills and technique) intensity.
Through my many years of experience I recognised that coaching the right habits from the very beginning, especially during the “Golden Age of Development” (8-12 years), when the right knowledge and coaching method are crucial for the development of fundamental Technique and Coordination skills.

In the ‘Infinity Football Art’ project, the central figure is Individuality, and each program is designed to develop Individual Skills in all areas: Technique, Tactics, Motor Skills and Mentality.

Each program and training session is tailored to the age and advancement of the player, but more often we select the players to the groups based on their technical abilities and understanding of the game or physicality. I believe that only a difficult as possible environment is able to continuously force the player to maximum effort and help him improve faster, therefore in IFA we do not pay too much attention to age, when we work in groups, we analyse the aspect of technical and tactical advancement instead.

With my programs, in combination with the latest technologies and innovations, such as a GPS tracker or a heart rate monitor, we are able to analyse and tailor training to individual needs, and develop player’s intelligence, awareness and perception – Reaction Lights.

Certifications and Experiences

Nationality: Polish




  • Head Coach at ESFA SAP Program U9 and U12
  • Head Coach at Sydney FC – Development School Program, School Holiday Camps
  • Head Coach at St. Spyridon School – Development School Program


  • Head Coach at Cranbrook School – Soccer School Program
  • Head Coach at Sydney FC – Development School Program, School Holiday Camps
  • Head Coach at ESFA SAP U10 and U11
  • Head Coach of Dunbar Rovers FC U13 Development


  • Head Coach of Dunbar Rovers FC U15 NPL
  • Head Coach of Dunbar Rovers FC U16 Development
  • Head Coach of Dunbar Rovers FC U9 Development


  • Head Coach of Dunbar Rovers FC NPL U18
  • Head Coach of Dunbar Rovers Development U15
  • Development Programs U8-U12 of Dunbar Rovers FC


  • Development Programs – White Tigers Coogee / Celtic Glasgow
  • Development Programs – Camps – Just Football Academy


  • Head Coach of U8 and U13 teams (1st division)
  • Head Coach of U9 and U11 Futsal Teams
  • Development Programs, Camps, 1v1 sessions – Red Devils Football Academy
  • Development Programs – Polonia Sports Club, Sydney, Australia


  • Head Coach of U10 (2nd division in state league) – RKS “Bor” Regut, Poland


  • Head Coach of U8 team (2nd division in state league) – RKS “Bor” Regut, Poland


  • Head Coach of U9 team (2nd division in state league) – RKS “Bor” Regut, Poland


  • Assistant Coach of U12 team (1st and 2nd division in state league), RKS “Bor” Regut, Poland
  • Head Coach of U5/6 teams – RKS “Bor” Regut, Poland
  • More than 30 local and national tournaments, Poland
  • More than 50 football camps, Poland and Australia
  • Founder of Infinity Football Art – Individual and small group sessions

Testimonials From Happy Parents and Players

From day one, Kamil took the time to understand my son's strengths and weaknesses and tailored his coaching approach to help him improve in the areas where he needed the most help. His training sessions are always challenging, but also fun and engaging and I've seen my son's ability and confidence increase as a result.

Simon, Harry's father - U9s ESFA SAP 1on1 PT | 1v1 Competition Program

My son has been training with Infinity Football for more than 3 years with amazing results in terms of skills acquisition, and physical and strength development. Great professionalism, skill mastery and the ability to get the most out of young players while they also have fun, makes Infinity Football a no-brainer for parents and players. Highly recommended!​

Luca, Ian's Father - U12s 1on1 Personal Training

Kamil helped my son immensely working with him to increase his core and body strength, with the objective to ensure more powerful and explosive movements, both on and off the ball while on the soccer field. We worked on speed, agility, balance and strength each session and the benefit of this could be seen in his subsequent games...

Lisa, Dominic's Mother - U13 NPL 'Sydney FC' 1on1 Personal Training | Strength / Power / Explosiveness

Kamil worked with my son in the off season and offered a tailored program to improve all aspects of his game. Kamil's professional and thoughtful approach to my son's development helped him reach his next level. A fantastic coach to work with and highly recommend for any age and football level.

Father of Remy - U8s 1on1 PT | 1v1 Competition Program

Kamil's coaching style in our 1-on-1s sessions has always been supportive but also pushing you to be better each day, helping you get the technical detail right and to build more and more confidence. I recommend his sessions if you want to improve on your areas that need development and push yourself beyond in your game.

Filipa - NPLW2 1on1 Personal Training

Kamil has been training my son Jadon for over 2 years now and we couldn't be happier with the results. Jadon is currently excelling in the mental, technical and physical aspects of his game, which is clearly showing in games when he plays for his club. I would happily recommend Kamil's training sessions to anybody who wants to take their football to the next level.

John, Jadon's Father - U13 NPL 'Dunbar Rovers' 1on1 PT | Small Sided Games Program

Kamil’s passion and coaching instils a confidence in players to help them develop the skills and vision that is required to make a difference on the field. His tactical and strategic expertise coupled with his communication with the individual player, ensures that each player can reach their full potential...

Karen, Orlando's Mother - U12 ESFA SAP Speed Endurance Program

Since working with Kamil my sons game has improved beyond belief he is a more confident player and his skill is probably the best in his team. His football brain particularly in pressure situations is excellent. He knows what to do and when to do it with confidence. This is due to Kamil and his fantastic training and dedication in improving young footballers. I highly recommend any one who is thinking of training with Kamil and his team at infinity.

Dan, Otis's Father - U18 NPL 'Sydney Uni' Small Sided Games Program

Kamil worked with my 9 year old son during some 1 on 1 sessions. Kamil analysis young players very effectively & technically, in which the first session he set up a set of drills & watched my son conduct the drills. Following the session he provided direct & honest feedback on areas of improvement & suggestions on drills on how to improve...

Raffaele, Luca's Father - Under 9s 1on1 Sessions

Kamil through his one on one and beach sessions allowed my son to increase his fitness, agility, and football technique. Kamil is an extremely knowledgeable and motivating coach who helped prepare my son for SAP trials and build his skills and fitness over the football offseason.

Veronica, Oscar's Mother - U11 ESFA SAP 1on1 PT | Speed Endurance (Beach Sessions)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kamil many years ago when he was coaching the team my son was playing in. Our communication with Kamil continued after that with my son's private 1on1 and group sessions with him over the years. Throughout that time, Kamil has shown a great commitment by providing not only continuous mentorship but also a true friendship to our family as well...

Burak, Ali's Father - U18 NPL Sydney Uni 1on1 and Group Sessions

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