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Individual Programs

Develop your technique, motor skills, and tactical fundamentals with our one-on-one soccer sessions

Take advantage of our one on one sessions. We will build a personalized development plan by first analyzing  the player’s situation and properly designing a plan to improve every aspect of him.

1 on 1 Personal Training

Program addressed to those who aim to maximize their individual technical, tactical, physical and mental skills in isolated conditions through 1 on 1 training with a Coach.

  1. Technical skills – Ball mastery, first touch, dribbling, passing / receiving, shooting.


  2. Motor skills – Endurance, strength, flexibility, speed of:

    a) Movement with and without the ball
    b) Thinking / reaction / action
    c) Accurate decision making

  3.  Coordinative capacities – Balance, coordination, differentiation, rhythm, reaction, orientation, adaptation.


  4. Specific football intelligence – Perception, intuition, concentration, decision making, creativity, memory, imagination.


  5. Tactical skills – Preparation for specific position tasks on the field and individual tactical solutions in the group / team.


  6. Body posture correction and correct technique of movement in the prevention of injury.


  7. Proper nutrition.

1 vs. 1 Competition Program

Program created for individual specific development of tactical, technical, physical and mental aspects in situations 1 vs. 1 by competing two players against each other.

  1. Football individual skills development.


  2. Specific relay- races:
      • Motor skills, coordinative capacities and mental aspects
      • Shots and quick 1 vs. 1 games


  3. Improvement of attacking and defending skills in 1 vs. 1 through different situations created on different parts of the field.
one vs one soccer competition

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