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Innovation and Technology in Football

 GPS Tracker as a most useable tool in modern football (soccer)


Over the next few articles, I would like to introduce and bring you closer to the technological innovations currently used in football. The basic issue is to understand that all, even the most advanced technologies are to serve us as an additional tool in order to achieve progress and the desired professional level, but they will never be a substitute for proper, optimal training.

Today we will take a closer look at GPS trackers. what they are for and how they are used in football to maximise the training and game.


Database and analysis 

Player analytics is fast growing trend in professional sports and coaches want to use innovative techniques to improve their team’s performance in the long run. 

GPS tracking technology for athletes have huge impact on the sport and have revolutionized the performance of players. This advanced technology has greatly helped the coaches to track and analyse the performance of an individual and with the whole team. Also, data analysis of players are gathered in real time which makes it effective and efficient for coaches to improve the athlete’s performance on the field.

Football (Soccer) is a sport that demands a high level of physical condition, technical skills, and a deep understanding of the game- tactical skills. In recent years, technology has played a crucial role in improving players’ performance in football. One of the most innovative and effective technologies that has been used is Global Positioning System (GPS) which has revolutionized the way in which players and coaches analyse, monitor and improve football performance.

GPS technology is now used routinely, with players’ match and training activity recorded and analysed each day to ensure that they work at an appropriate level, to promote the beneficial effects of training, and to track excessive fatigue and injury risk. The tracking process now starts in club academies, when players are in their teenage years, so that clubs have extensive information on each promising player as they progress through the ranks.


Infinity Football Art and STATSports Apex Athlete Series 

At Infinity Football Art we are using STATSports Apex Athlete Series, the FIFA Approved GPS Tracker, which is the most advanced and powerful wearable tech for young footballers on the market, which allows you to Track and Analyse your game like the Pro’s. Make yourself fitter, faster, and stronger than ever before. Analyse your match and practice data to even better understand your efforts on the pitch by tracking every single movement and compare and compete with the Pro players from Academy to First team level.

STATSports Apex Athlete Series tracks 16 metrics across five key areas of Volume (Total Distance, High Intensity Distance, High Speed Running, Sprint Distance and Calories), Speed (Maximum Speed, Number of Sprints, Acceleration and Deceleration), Intensity (Distance per Minute, Sprint Distance per Minute, High Speed Running per Minute, High Intensity Distance per Minute), Stress (Dynamic Stress Load, Step Balance) and Cardio ( Hearth Rate- average and maximum).

By measuring all parameters above, these devices give us a clear picture of an athlete’s level of exertion during a training session and game, what we are using to tailor training for individual needs and prevent overtraining. 

Six weeks studies show that using the STATSports tracker will help make you faster and improve your Max Speed up to 9.4%, also increase your HSR by up to 13.6% and your Practice and Match Intensity by up to 12.3%.


 Real -time performance analysis

One of the most significant advantages of GPS technology in football is the ability to Analyze real -time performance. The data collected by the GPS devices are sent to an analysis system that can provide immediate information about the player’s speed, the distance traveled and other physical aspects of the performance. This allows coaches to make data -based decisions during a game, such as substitutions or tactical changes.


Training optimization

In addition to real -time analysis during matches, GPS technology is also used to Optimize training. The data collected during training sessions provide detailed information about the physical effort of the players. Trainers can use this data to customize training programs and adapt them to the individual needs of each player. This allows maximizing performance and minimizing the risk of injuries.

Apex Coach Series allows coach to track our players’ data via an application, and by syncing their sessions as a squad session, players’ data seamlessly syncs to the coach, providing a breakdown of their physical performance.  

Apex Coach Series provides a platform whereby a coach can track and analyse your physical output, manage your load, maximise your performance, and reduce your injury risk. Based on your effort during the training session or the game, coach is able to provide very precise feedback on your game and help you to take it to the next level. 


Monitoring and prevention of injuries

The performance monitoring and injury prevention are crucial areas in professional football. Thanks to technology GPS, the teams can carry out thorough monitoring of the biometric data of the players, such as the heart rate, workload, and muscle fatigue. These data allow identifying performance patterns and detecting possible signs of fatigue or injuries. Physical trainers and trainers can intervene quickly and adjust the training load to avoid injuries and guarantee optimal performance.

Improvement of tactical decision making

GPS technology has also improved Tactical decision making In football. The data collected allow to analyze the movement and position of the players in the field of play, which provides valuable information about the game patterns and the strategies used by the teams. The Trainers You can use this data to identify strengths and weaknesses, develop more effective tactics and make informed decisions As for alignment and tactical changes during the matches.



The use of GPS technology has had a significant impact on improving players’ performance in football. The ability to analyze real -time performance, optimize training, monitoring and preventing injuries, and improving tactical decision making has led to an evolution in the way that teams and coaches address the game. GPS technology has allowed a more scientific and football -based approach, which has led to significant improvements in the individual and collective performance of players. In a sport as competitive as football, the use of GPS technology has become a invaluable tool for teams looking for a competitive advantage.

Using GPS tracking systems is quite beneficial in sports. It accurately quantifies the training session laid out for players as it evaluates the range of intensities for distance, speed, acceleration and impacts. Coaches can also compare individual players to improve their performance by using the information to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the player and calibrate changes under exhaustion. GPS tracking technology can be used to compare training drills to game intensity. It measures the work rate as it educates coaches and accustom staff how they manipulate the drills, manage overload and guide training structures. Additionally, it aids the coaches to further understand the demands of the game. They can easily benchmark the demands by collecting game data. Besides, GPS tracking devices can help focus on the athletic development and limitations of the player and discern place for improvement.

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