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School Holiday Soccer Camps & Clinics

Enjoy your days off school playing the sport you love!

Keep your child developing football skills on highest level on our school holiday camps and clinics

Come train, have fun and get the most out of your school holidays at out soccer camps. Build up your confidence and work on your football skills while developing also your social skills and learning to play as a team.

School Holiday Soccer Camps & Clinics

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Our Holiday Camps and Clinics are for girls and boys from 8 to 18 years of age, regardless of their position on the pitch – also for goalkeepers. It doesn’t matter the skill level or whether and in which team the player trains every day.

We train in groups of 10, selected on the basis of Motor and Technical tests. This allows the trainer to pay more attention to every detail and correct every mistake, also football trainings are much more effective and it is easier to diagnose and develop the potential of a young player and eliminate bad training habits. 

Infinity Football Art School Holidays Program is a unique project, which is an integrated football training system, covering all areas of a player's skills - technique, motor skills, tactics and mental condition. At the camp you will develop all these areas, at the end you will receive specific analysis and guidelines for further individual training. 

Our School Holiday Clinics are the perfect opportunity for players aged 8-12 (SAP) to master the basic foundations of football and 12-17 (NPL) when older participants can challenge themselves with a more advanced programs which are tailored to a more highly developed player.

Our methodology based on best European models is aimed at educating complete, intelligent footballers, technically and motorically perfect, able to quickly make the right decisions. 

Based on many years of observation, at Infinity Football Art, we have prepared a selection process based on football skills, not the coaching "nose" or the player's physical development. We were guided by experiences in this field from best European academies, where many years ago, it was decided to change the model of recognizing football talents - height and strength were no longer important, and speed, smartness, intelligence and creativity were sought.

After several years of analysis and testing, we have developed our own model for selecting talented players and all players coming to our camps undergo technical and general fitness tests - based on their results, we determine football potential on a special scale. Tests repeated systematically show progress in results and thus the development of talent.

Improve coordination, agility, acceleration and deceleration, speed and fitness.

The program is divided into two parts:

  1. Multiple stations where players experience many different movements during repetitive runs.

  2. Relay Sprints at different distances and with different starting points (Plyometrics and simple bodyweight movement).

Specially developed to advance your child’s football skills and keep them focused in a friendly and engaging learning environment.

Choose between either our 3 hour coaching clinic (9am-12pm), or a 6 hour full day with an afternoon that is loaded with plenty of Small Sided Games and fun activities (9am-3pm).

3 days where we concentrate on Motor Skills and Technique development with a daily Football Topic Focus, finished with Small Sided Games, where we observe the ability of players to use new skills. Our clinics aim to enhance your child’s creativity as a player with the freedom to play joyful and expressive football.

Each of the three days has a main topic of training.

Day 1 - Dribbling - running with the ball; feints and change of directions; 1v1;

Day 2- Passing and Receiving - short and long distances; circulation of the ball and Penetrating Pass; 2v1, 3v1, 4v2

Day 3- Shooting - different distances and angles; different techniques (inside, outside and instep of foot, header).

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